The Pros & Cons of Print-on-Demand Publishing

There are a lot of publishing models out there for those who are interested in self-publishing. Print-on-demand is a publishing model that only principled when someone orders it. This means that authors no longer have to print hundreds of books and then go out and try to sell them themselves at book signings and various other venues. It means that authors are able to publish a book without having to put money up front to print the book. This was not something that was available 10 or 15 years ago because it simply cost too much to print a single novel or nonfiction book instead of 1000 at once. But the technology and the methodology has changed drastically. There are both advantages and disadvantages to print-on-demand. Let’s brew some coffee with a coffee maker and take a look at them so that you can decide if you want to use this model of publishing.

Advantages of POD

  • The first advantage is that you don’t have to order hundreds of books. You simply upload your book and then wait for someone to order it. It used to be that with print-on-demand you had to have a minimum number of books to be able to get a certain print price and the more you ordered the lower that price was per book. But then you would be responsible for selling all those books yourself.
  • Another advantage to print-on-demand is that you are able to change your manuscript anytime you want. All you have to do is upload another manuscript. For example, if you sell to books and one reader contacts you and points out a glaring factual error, you do not have 1000 other books with that same factual air the user have to sell or throw out. You simply upload another manuscript and within a few days the new manuscript is the only one available.
  • In addition, print-on-demand for one book is about the same price as printing 1000 books at once. The printing process has changed considerably, and no longer are people printing without digital technology.
  • With print-on-demand, you can also order some of your own books to have with you in case you wish to sell them yourself at one of your upcoming events. You can even change the cover temporarily for those books the order and make them special editions.

Disadvantages of POD

  • There are disadvantages too of course, such as a slightly lower quality than offset printing. Offset printing still has a slightly higher quality than print-on-demand, but most people are not going to notice it.
  • For those who are lucky enough to sell 100,000 copies or 1 million copies of their books, the print-on-demand model is going to be much more expensive in the long run. However, you are still going to be making a profit. For most people, the print on demand model makes a lot of sense and is the perfect solution for self-publishing print books.